Friday, December 10, 2010


So I've always wanted to learn how to do letterpress. I few months back, the stars aligned, and I found an awesome guy who works at Hammerpress to mentor me. We did two projects together and he deemed me "ready to print." :-)  I thought I would share my first two projects.  The first one is funny, the second one I'm proud of.

Project 1:  Woodcut and Press
As my first project I though it would be fun to use a woodcut to make a print.  I hand-carved the tree from the woodblock and then set up the press to make prints.  I have a million of these prints if anyone wants one. ;-)  The reason why I find this project funny, is in my novice, I carved my initials backwards. When you print everything is in reverse so that the final print will be readable.  I will not be making that mistake again. :-)

Project 2: Thank You Cards
I decided to add an extra element of "hand-made" to my wedding thank you notes.  I wanted to make my own letterpressed cards.  I used the original design theme from my Save the Dates and adapted it to the Letterpress. I was very happy with them, and I am currently designing more cards that I will Letterpress soon! :-)


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