Thursday, January 20, 2011

Inspration Thursday

I thought I would start posting some people/things that inspire me to make great work and make me love what I do.

I recently read a bible verse that hit home with me "Neglect not the gift that is in thee"
. . .  wow . . . I constantly struggle with this.  I honestly feel that one of my "gifts" is my creative mind, and I often feel bad that I "neglect" it . . . after a long days work, and making dinner, taking care of the dog, and cleaning up . . . who has time to be creative???
. . . not me lately.  So it being a new year I vowed to make more time to be creative,
it's just like a skill, if you don't hone it you loose it. 

So cheers to a new year and looking towards the  bright future.
Oh, and I'll share with you soon, my ideas for that verse, I'll give you a hint though,
it has to do with screen printing . . . ;-) enjoy!

Jessica Hische

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